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Definition of TFP/TFD/TFDVD: The concept TFP covers Time For Print, which means that the photographer and the model give eachother their time for free in order to shoot photos for fun, if a photographer, a model or a makeup-artist has a great idea, which you really want to be part of, or if you feel that the idea in question can expand your portfolio with something new. Then you can choose to make the assignment without getting anything else than new photos for your portfolio.
Model genres: There are lots of different genres of model shoots: Artistic nude, Erotic, Fashion, Glamour, Art, Lingerie, Location, Nude, Portrait, Promotion, Swim wear, Wedding, Catwalk, Dansing, Sport, Theater.

You would like to pose as model for me?

Do I make TFP?
- yes, occasionly, but I make special demands for those, with whom I want to make TFP. Read below.
- exceptions from these demands: if a model has a great idea, if there is good chemistry between us, or if I send a suggestion about TFP myself.
- this kind of photo shoot, I arrange privately though Facebook.

Demands for female models:
- Primarily female models above the age of 18 years, though the models between 20 and 30 are preferred
- Secondarily female models below the age of 18 years, if I get a signature from a parent, who is present at the photo shoot as a precaution. *
- You have a BMI of 18-25, that is the normal BMI.
- You have none or or only few tattoos - and if you do have any, the number, the size and the place make the decision.
- You have a natural body. No "beauty" plastic surgery please. **
- A nice and clean face is preferred, that is only little unclean skin, scars and marks.
- You know how to put on a nice make up yourself, for instance in order to cover unclean skin up.

*** - Normally, I only work with models below the age of 18 years at photo meet ups, workshops etc, and if I'm willing to work with a model below the age of 18 years, then I must have a signature from a parent or other guardian. If I make photos of models below the age of 15 years, I want one of the parents or the guardian present during the photo shoot as a precaution. I never make other photos than fashion, beauty and portraits with models below the age of 18 years.
** - If it's for fully clothed photos, such as for fashion, then of course it doesn't matter, unless it's your face.

Demands for male models:
- Male models minimum above the age of 25 years - from that age, male models begin to become interesting, in my point of view.
- Masculinity - good beard growth for stubbles, high cheekbones and a significant jaw
- The body must to some extend be more or less muscular.
- You have a BMI of 18-25, that is the normal BMI.
- You have a natural body. No plastic surgery please.

Further demands:
- You have to be serious, must be easy to make appointments with, and particularly, you have to be able to keep the appointments.
- You do NOT go out and party the evening before the photo shoot.
- You do NOT expose yourself for deceases such as getting a cold in the week up to an arranged photo shoot, like exposing yourself to coldness.

Contract: Regardless the purpose of the photos, a written contract is made for each photo session, so that there will be no doubt afterwards.
You can read the current edition of my contract here.

General terms for TFP

Time for photo shoots: You must be able to find time for these photo shoots late in the afternoon and/or the evening or in weekends.

Purpose/the user right of the photographer: My photos will be shown, whereever I like, such as on this website and on my fanpage on facebook. Join it as fan to follow my work and to comment on my photos.

The use-right of the model: The edited photos may be used by the model for her own promotion, whereever she likes, provided that these edited photos are not edited or cropped any further before the release. When the model uses the photos online or in contests, the website of the photographer must be mentioned.

Honararium of the model: As a TFP-model, you'll normally get a copy of 5 edited photos by the choice of the photographer. In practice, I'll remove all bad photos and forward a pdf-file with the possible photos to be edited, from which you may choose. We discuss it a bit, and then I edit 5 photos, which you'll receive usually within 4 weeks by mail or through DropBox, so that you can download them all to your own computer. All photos are received in a marked internet version, usually 1600 pixels on the widest part. A full size print edition can be obtained according to an agreement. If the photos may be used commercially, we make an agreement to split the income 50/50.

Publishment/regret: At a TFP shoot, the model does not pay the photographer for his work, and the photographer does not pay for the work of the model. The model receives free photos in exchange for giving the photographer the full right to publish any photo from the shoot, as much as the photographer desires. If a model regrets totally or partially, then it is only fair that the model pays the photographer for his time and effort. As a model, you should be prepared to do so. Otherwise you shouldn't pose as a TFP-model.

Terms: If you choose to make photos with me, then you also accept my kind of photo editing. If you don't like it, then there are plenty of other photographers to choose from. You also accept that you do not get all the unedited photos and that you may not edit or crop the edited photos as it suits you. You must give credit = write as photo text, with whom you have made the photos, unless something else is agreed on.

Make-up/clothes: The model arranges her own make up and clothes. If the model wishes to use a make up artist, it will be an expense of the model.

Transportation expenses: The model arranges her own transportation to the studio of the photographer. Unfortunately, there isn't any direct railway to Aabenraa, so if arranged you may be picked up at the railway station of Rødekro. Or in case we're going to make some location photos, the photographer will arrange further transportation.

Deposit: If a model cancels in numerous occasions at a late time, or even doesn't show up unannounced, I will henceforth demand a deposit of 500 DKK, before I make a new appointment with the same model. If the model shows up for the new appointment, you will of course get the money back.

Application: If you're interested, then send a message. In the message, you tell about yourself, including about your age, hight and other measurements and adress (= city/town) plus you include 2 photos: one of your face and one full-length portrait. Get somebody else to make the photos. They must not be edited or grainy. I must be able to see, with what I have to work, that is photo editing of skin. If you have a strong marked or unclean skin, then that's important to know. And if you have questions, then write them too in the message. :-)




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