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About me


I'm a selftaught photographer with several years of experience within photography. I started in 1989 with analogue photography and in 1997 with model photography, and finally, I switched to digital photography in 2006. I like to shoot photos in the nature, in urban environments and from events such as concerts etc. But I prefer to shoot model photos in various genres. All of this photo entreprise is run as a hobby entreprise, where I shoot photos, whenever I have the time or the desire to do so. I have no education as a photographer, but an academic education of foreign languages. However, my experience of several years and my portfolio should be convincing about my skills and talent within the field of photography.

I have both studio lamps and backgrounds for a steady studio in Aabenraa, Denmark, plus a transportable light- and background equipment, which can be used on location if desired.

The photos are edited both in colour and black/white; sometimes with natural skin, and sometimes using skin retouch in Photoshop.

Normally I'm behind the camera, but here's a couple of photos, so you can see how I look like.


1987 - I started with a film compact camera
1996 - with an older Minolta SLR film camera from the 1970'ies
1997 - I started a bit with model photography
1997-2000, photographer for Gyden, a student newspaper at SDU
1999 December, model photo, Alt om Foto & Video
2001 - with a new film camera, Minolta Dynax 700si
2002, Odense Fotomarathon, a 5th place
2003 December, model photo, Alt om Foto & Video
2004, Odense Fotomarathon, a 4th place
2006 - my first DSLR from Sony - Sony DSLR-Alpha100 10,2 megapixel
2009 - with studioflash equipment to make portraits and model photos
2009 - 19 februar, photo of fire, fyens.dk
2010 - my current camera - Sony DSLR Alpha850 24,6 megapixel
2010, initiator of fotorotation
2010 November, photographer of the month, modelfotograferne.dk
2011 January, photo of the solar eclipse above Denmark, eb.dk
2011, photo of finalist in M! Forsidejagten
2011, initiator of the monthly contest, modelportalen.dk
2011 maj, winner of the monthly contest, modelportalen.dk

2012, 2 photos of contestants in M! Forsidejagten
2013, initiator of Sønderjyske Photo Meet-up




Organiser of:

image 2

A non-profit event

The photo event, foto-rotation, is a project I have invented in order to make people with a passion for model photography meet and be challenged. You have to be quick about using your phantasy.

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