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Definition of an ordered assignment: The concept covers assignments, where a photographer makes the photos, which a client desires, and the photographer gets his payment for the work. Are there any chance of discounts? Yes! Group discount is a possible solution, or if the photographer wishes to have the right to show the photos, then there's also a chance of discount.
Model genres: There are lots of different genres of model shoots: Artistic nude, Erotic, Fashion, Glamour, Art, Lingerie, Location, Nude, Portrait, Promotion, Swim wear, Wedding, Catwalk, Dansing, Sport, Theater.

Your photoshoot
- In general, it will be an ordered assignment.
- In order to secure the deal, you'll have to pay a deposit of 500,- DKK
- If you cancel between 4 and 7 days before the photo shoot, you'll get a refund of 75 %, if you cancel 2 to 3 days before the photo shoot, you'll get a refund of 50 %. If you cancel later than that, you'll loose the deposit.
- The theme and the genre of the photo shoot are your decision. As a result of your thoughts and ideas, I'll then answer yes or no, whether I can fullfill your wishes or not.

- You can get a discount, if I'm interested in using some of the photos from your photo shoot in my portfolio.
- You can get a discount, if you bring an extra customer for the photo shoot, that is quantity discount.

Portraits, beauty and model photos
Package 1:
2 hours of shooting (including the time to make everything ready, light settings etc.)
5 edited photos (full print size and internet version with logo)
750 DKK

Package 2:
2 hours of shooting (including the time to make everything ready, light settings etc.)
10 edited photos (full print size and internet version with logo)
1,000 DKK

Package 3
3 hours of shooting (including the time to make everything ready, light settings etc.)
15 edited photos (full print size and internet version with logo)
1,250 DKK

Notice that the rates above are indicative. And they are currently without taxation.

General terms

You can choose a package or we can try to make a special constructed package which suits your needs.
And this is the same whether it's for the celebration of confirmation, student graduation or ordinary portraits.
The prices are calculated according to photo shoots made in studio and EXCLUSIVELY delivered in electronic shape.
For photos which are desired to be made on location at your choice, indoor or outdoor, then expect an extra charge for transportation.

Right to use
The model may show the edited photos whereever you want.
If any unedited photos are given, they are only for private use, such as to select the photos to edit. Those are received as a pdf-file. Before that pdf-file is received, the photographer has removed some photos, so that the customer has a selection of the best photos to choose from.

Special offer for model photos
You can have a make up artist to create your make up, if you're willing to pay extra; you pay the make up artist directly.
If you order a make up artist, then you must pay a deposit of 500 DKK, when the photographer has found one, who has a free schedule that day.

- I'm willing to discuss a discount as in a quantity discount, that is if you arrive 2 for a photo shoot the same day.
- or in the event if I see the photo shoot benefial for my portfolio.

Publishment/regret: If you get a discount in exchange for giving the photographer the full right to publish any or some photo from the photo shoot, as much as the photographer desires, and the model later on regrets totally or partially, then it is only fair that the model pays the photographer for his time and effort. That means that if you have got a discount on your ordered assignment, then it's a principle that you must pay the full price, if you regret. As a model, you should be prepared to do so. Otherwise, you shouldn't accept a discount.

Contract: Regardless the purpose of the photos, a written contract is made for each photo session, so that there will be no doubt afterwards.
You can read the current edition of my contract here.

You can only choose a special constructed package which suits your needs. So what do you wish to preserve from the great day?
- Before the church ceremony, arrival of groom and bride
- During wedding ceremony, that is if the priest allows it
- After the wedding ceremony, when the couple walks out of the church, the rain of rise and the gathering of guests in front of the church
- Setup of couple and/or group photo in front of or inside the church with natural and/or flash
- Setup of the couple only in studio and/or in the nature
- Photos from the party, only beginning or from start to the end
As you can read, there are plenty of situations, which you could wish to preserve from the great day, and you choose, how much or how little you wish to include.
It would be an advantage to meet several times before in order to arrange precisely what is wanted and to make a rehearsal.

Notice that the portfolio doesn't have any wedding photos as such. So the first couples can thus get a discount, if photos may be used from your wedding. The price will be decided from the extent of the job and the geography.

Children and babies
Norally, I do not make photos of babies or children up to the age of 6.
Children between 6 and 15 must be in company with one parent during the photo shoot.







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A non-profit event

The photo event, foto-rotation, is a project I have invented in order to make people with a passion for model photography meet and be challenged. You have to be quick about using your phantasy.

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